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What is Tantric Massage?

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When it comes to the word ‘tantric’ you probably already have some assumptions in mind and some of them probably aren’t far from the truth (though others will be way off).

First documented as having its roots in India, some time before 5AD, tantric massage is essentially a form of sensual yoga in massage and motion. Or, at least that’s how it started.

As time has gone on and people have adopted and adapted the process, tantric massage has evolved into a modern form of intimate massage that involves full nudity and skin-on-skin contact between the masseuse and the recipient/s.

Tantric massage has also benefited from the merging of different massage technique and sexual practices over the years, with experienced practitioners taking inspiration from those around them and from their client’s own feedback.

The result is a diverse form of erotic massage which can involve Shiatsu, Swedish deep tissue techniques, BDSM, fantasy roleplay, water rituals, two different masseurs at once, and even couples being massaged together.

The versatility of tantric massage is only met by its professional integrity and spiritual potency. At its core tantric massage is still an incredibly spiritual practice and the experience focuses on awakening one’s own body on a deeper level. Whereas so many massages focus on the physical tantric massage tends to the mental and spiritual too and promotes a deep sense of personal and sexual wellbeing.

What tantric massage certainly isn’t is sex. Although the two may involve similar actions the context of tantric massage is a transformative experience which transcends conventional notions of mainstream sexual interaction.

Then again perhaps when it comes to tantric massage it’s better to experience it rather than to simply read about its benefits.

How Do I Get A Tantric Massage?

Tantric massages are undertaken by professional masseurs, although there are certainly some questionable institutes available.

Always make sure that you do your research thoroughly when selecting the right masseur for you. Independent masseurs can be found but for extra security a reputable agency is certainly worth the extra investment. Make the appropriate calls beforehand and prioritize your safety and that of your masseur.

When booking a tantric massage you can decide to either have an Outcall (where the masseuse visits you home or a hotel) or an Incall (where you go to their place of work). Each have their own benefits though if you’re arranging an Outcall you’ll want to make sure you ask what is required of you and your location prior to meeting up. You’ll want to make sure that your masseuse has access to everything she needs, after all.

Can I Do Tantric Massage With My Partner?

You certainly can! In fact Mr. Peaches and I tried it ourselves after having done some research. Though I do have to warn you that the results have varying degrees of success.

Don’t get me wrong—a massage feels good on any occasion—however without experiencing the prowess and techniques of a true tantric professional it is very difficult to understand the sensations you’re trying to capture. I certainly feel like it eluded us and feel like we could have benefitted from going to a professional for our very own couples tantric massage instead. But that’s a review all its own!

In the meantime please do enjoy this erotic piece that I have composed, inspired by the sacred and incredibly intriguing act of tantric massage.

Her First Release

In her time living in central London Nadine had closed many deals, but this one was different.

Her diligence was still there—the precision with which she had searched through every page, meticulously studying her options as she carefully selected the right match for her needs. But these needs were not confined to the world of business. No. After so many long nights and stressful deadlines Nadine was looking to relax and reconnect with her body and, after a few choice recommendations, she had found herself lusting after her very first tantric massage.

As the time of the appointment came closer Nadine sipped from her glass of rosé and nervously waited. She had selected an outcall, feeling more comfortable in her own home. Besides the huge open glass windows of her metropolitan apartment avoided a certain degree of exhibitionism that she had always enjoyed.

Everything had been arranged in advance and Nadine had been sure to take into consideration the needs of her masseuse. Business phones had been turned off and new scented candles lit. Clean towels hung in the bathroom and Nadine had provided the finest of toiletries. The fragrances she had selected were her favourites—aromas that evoked something truly profound in her—she hoped her masseuse would find equal appreciation in them.

The apartment phone rung and Nadine’s grip on her glass tightened a little before she released her grip, placing the glass to one side, and proceeded to answer the phone.

“Hello?” she uttered.

“Is this Nadine?” came a response. The voice was like bourbon, rich and smooth. Nadine’s heart skipped a beat.

“Yes. We have an appointment I believe?”

“We do, yes.”

“I’ll buzz you right in.”

There wasn’t much time but Nadine made the most of it, pouring out an extra glass of wine just in case and making sure any finishing touches were tended too, she then went to the door.

Upon opening it she was greeted with a woman of indescribable beauty and stature. She had seen her photos online but no image could ever do her justice. Standing tall and with a figure only found in Hollywood’s golden age, stood her chosen masseuse.

“Nadine?” she asked warmly.

“I, uhm, yes” Nadine stuttered.

Strange. That didn’t often happen to her. But something about this woman left her breathless. It wasn’t just her physical appearance (although by all accounts she was a timeless beauty). It was something about the way she carried herself. Charming, commanding, and self-assured she held herself with the air of a true professional. Nadine could relate to this and yet it had still caught her off guard. They were both women of business. Impeccable when it came to their profession. It was this affinity that had struck Nadine with such unexpected intensity.

The masseuse looked Nadine in her ocean blue eyes and smiled, her lips were like ruby, the sheen of her lipstick faultless. “I’m Giselle, a pleasure to meet you in person” she said, offering her hand. Nadine shook it. Giselle’s hands were supple and yet her grip firm, perfectly assured. Even in the simplest of gestures one could tell that Giselle had a gift when it came to her hands.

Giselle gently broke skin contact first and moved in to the apartment. “What a lovely home you have” she complemented.

“Thank you” Nadine responded in kind. She watched Giselle as she looked around the room, casually familiarising herself with her surroundings. Her hazel eyes glanced to the sofa and then the glass of wine.

“Rosé?” Giselle observed.

“Oh, yes, it’s Instinct Parcellaire by Château des Bormettes. ‘Prominent aromas of sweet red fruits, with a hint of vanilla and spice’ or some such jargon. I’m afraid the intricacies of wine connoisseurship aren’t my strong suit” Nadine confessed with a flustered and apologetic tone.

“No, I think it sounds perfect,” Giselle praised, “after all, who doesn’t need a hint of spice every now and then?”

The two sat down for a time and discussed the arrangements they had put in place and just what a Yoni massage would include. Nadine had to admit to herself that when that bell had first rung nerves had emerged but there was something about Giselle that was so…reassuring. With a single smile Giselle was able relieve any stress that Nadine was feeling and it wasn’t long before the two stood naked.

“Are you ready to release your tension?” Giselle asked softly.

“I am” Nadine nodded, getting herself in to position.

The first hour was like a dance, a meticulous ritual undertaken with deep spiritual reverence and the utmost respect. From the moment Giselle first made skin contact Nadine was immediately reassured that Giselle had nothing but the utmost respect for her body. In that moment Nadine’s body was a sacred temple of feminine energy and Giselle was going to worship her.

Each stroke and gesture was gentle at first—undertaken with delicate precision and a sense of lightness which made Nadine’s body tingle and made her nerves tingle with pleasure. The sensations Giselle provided would take great novelists pages to articulate. She was a poet in every sense of the word, and she wove her sonnets with every new massage technique. When she traced Nadine’s curves it felt like a flowery verse, when she applied pressure a succinct stanza.

As their bodies pressed up against each other and they met in a mutual caress Nadine felt the last of her worries melt away. Skin-on-skin it was as if she was finally able to accept the boundaries of her own body and yet was simultaneously experiencing an intense release. The energy exchanged between her and Giselle felt infinite, as if it expanded beyond their own bodies, making everything else seem irrelevant in that moment.

When Giselle eventually moved down to begin caressing Nadine’s vulva the gesture seemed almost effortless—a natural progression of the feminine sensuality that they had forged together in the ritual prior. Here especially Giselle was a true professional.

Warm oil saturated Nadine’s yoni and thighs as Giselle began to locate places of tension that Nadine had not even been aware existed and create a strong, deeply profound release with her intricate massage techniques. Time and time again Giselle brought Nadine to the edge but the release was delayed. It was as if Giselle was coaxing Nadine’s body to explore its true potential, to exist within those moments of sincere sexual awakening before the final release.

It was in these moments that Nadine truly felt herself release and she felt herself awakening. This was not sex. Far from it. This was a purifying experience—a form of sexual and spiritual healing and release. It occurred to Nadine that she had not truly known the depths of her own sexuality until Giselle had begun to explore them. Nadine had glanced into Giselle and she had done the same, engaging in a beautiful act of healing and sexual empowerment that was both indescribable and completely unforgettable.

Come the end Nadine felt the orgasmic energy that Giselle had drawn out in her flow in a sensual release which made her whole body tense with the potency of it all before finally relaxing completely. For many breaths afterwards she was uncertain if she could even stand, such was the sense of weightlessness.

Giselle took quite some time afterwards to soothe Nadine and make sure that she was comfortable and satisfied after having such an intense and truly immersive experience. It was perhaps this attention to detail that Nadine cherished the most…outside of the massage itself, that is.

The shower and fresh towels were well appreciated and the two parted sweetly at the door. As Nadine relaxed herself down on to her sofa she reached for her glass of wine and reflected on the experience in between delicate sips. Of her many thoughts about that night Nadine knew two things for sure. One: Her new sense of relaxed self-assurance would serve her well in her career. And two: She would definitely be seeing Giselle again.

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