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This Woman Accidentally Got A Sex Toy Stuck In Her Butt

Escort Porto Portugal Mafalda Borges.High class Portuguese call girl.
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Here's how to make sure this doesn't happen to you.

As we've explained in the past, 40 percent of women agree that sex toys have a lot to offer in the bedroom. (And if you're looking for a toy that will pleasure both of you, here are the five you should try.) However, when Emily Georgia, a 20-year-old English woman, started experimenting with a four-inch butt plug with her sexual partner, the situation took an unexpected and dangerous turn.

According to the Daily Mail, Georgia's partner literally took things too far by pushing the plug past the point where he was able to retrieve it, leaving it stuck in Georgia's rear end. Even worse, once he realized what he'd done, the guy just got up and left Georgia in her distressed state.

"I began to panic and told him I needed to go to hospital," she said. "He said it should come out naturally on the toilet and then he said, 'I'm really sorry I have work early in the morning,' and he shot off."

Thankfully, a friend took her to the hospital, where she underwent an hour-long operation the next day to get the toy out of there before any damage was done. (Looking to try something new that doesn't involve penetration? Try the JimmyJane Form 3 Vibrator, available at the Women's Health Boutique!)

For those who are worried that this may happen during their next intimate experience, here are a couple key tips to anal play: Try experimenting with a finger first, and, while doing so, remember to put the person being penetrated in the driver's seat. That is, let them control the depth of penetration, and the speed.

Learn about the fascinating history of the sex toy:

Of course, the number-one thing you should not do if an unfortunate incident like this occurs is ditch your partner altogether, as Georgia says hers did.

Trust is the foundation of any healthy and adventurous sexual relationship. In a situation like this, where first-time experimentation was taking place, it's paramount to creating a pleasurable and intimate environment for both participants.

Taking off when a situation takes a wrong turn surely proves that this is not a partner who will have your back. So if a dude does this to you, ditch him, stat.

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