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5 Actually-Comfortable Blow Job Positions That Will Change What You Think About Oral Sex

Escort Porto Portugal Mafalda Borges.High class Portuguese call girl.
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You've gotta feel good to go down.

Sure, there are many compelling reasons to never give a blow job again. But even if you enjoy them, a blow job still should not feel like an actual job (nor, confusingly, should it contain any actual blowing). But if your neck is all twisted in some weird angle, it can definitely start to feel like work. Here are five super-chill BJ positions that will get the job done and keep you super comfy in the process.

1. The Lazy Sunday

Prop a couple pillows on his stomach and use his torso as a glorified mattress, stroking his shaft while sucking and rolling your tongue around his head. This is perfect for languishing in bed when you want something in between full-service head and actually being asleep.

2. The La-Z-Girl

Reduce strain on your neck and back by raising his bum higher with several pillows underneath him, instead of kneeling and bending your head down like your foremothers did. Get even cozier by resting your lower arms on his thighs. Try a twisting motion along his shaft with your hands as you suck and lick his head and frenulum (the v. sensitive area on the very top of his shaft where it meets the head.)

3. Hummer Sixty-Ninnnnne

Sixty-nine is kind of the worst: stupid angle and too much going on. So just steal the best parts and ditch the rest. Lie on your sides in the traditional side-by-side position, but instead of him going down on you, have him use a vibrator instead. He can lie back and watch the toy work its magic or he can play with it too. It's not like he'd be able to concentrate on giving you good oral in this position, anyway.

4. King of the World

If you need more stability during a blow job, have him sit in a chair while you kneel in front of him. This way, it gives you more support to grasp onto his legs and knees without toppling him like it would in a standing position. Make said BJ even better by making a circle with your thumb and middle finger around the base of his penis and under the back of his balls. Make it just tight enough so the blood stays in his penis — it will keep him engorged and extra sensitive.

5. The Auto Blow

For the ultimate in slothful comfort, just lie back with your head propped up on some pillows. He kneels on top and sticks it on in. If you don't want it this to turn into a full-on face fuck, hold on to his shaft so he doesn't go too deep, or have him be completely still while you move your head. Let him enjoy the kneeling and leg cramping for a while.

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