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This Sex Toy Gave Me A Totally New Kind Of Orgasm

Escort Porto Portugal Mafalda Borges.High class Portuguese call girl.
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It’s a brave new world.

In the past few years, my sex drive has been lower than it used to be. If I had to guess, it's a mix of being much busier than I used to be and being on hormonal birth control — I tried a few different pills and the NuvaRing, but all seemed to diminish how often I think about sex. The fact remains: I need to work harder to get turned on when I’m by myself. I’ve figured out some hacks: an erotic art film subscription, unbuttoned-flannel pics of my boyfriend, reimagining Fifty Shades of Grey where Christian is a feminist ally — but ~feelin' myself~, one of my favorite activities, is still the last thing I want to do when I come home exhausted.

So it's no surprise I'll jump at the chance to try new products that make big promises. Enter the LELO SONA Cruise. What separates it from similar-looking vibrators is its use of sonic waves over vibrations, which can travel deeper to stimulate the hidden parts of your clitoris. The clitoris is like an iceberg, in that traditional vibrators typically only hit the tip (which, to be fair, is still the best feeling ever). LELO compares the technology to a speaker at a club, where you can feel the sound vibrations throughout your whole body. I was skeptical that sound waves could be strong enough to reach new, unexplored parts of my clitoris, but the lure of a new kind of orgasm was too enticing not to at least try.

The moment I connected it to my laptop to charge, its persistent neon light blinking as it charged intimidated me. When I pushed the “on” button and heard a loud hum on the lowest setting, all I could think about was how annoyingly thin my bedroom walls are.

As I left the toy on its lowest setting and threw several blankets over me to muffle the noise, I felt anything but sexy. I kept it on as I tried to mentally get myself ready, but before I could really conjure up any fantasies, I noticed the familiar, involuntary toe curling and contractions. The overall sensation didn’t differ too much from a traditional vibrator, but I definitely felt more of an internal tingling than I’m used to. Then I realized the major difference. After only a few minutes, I experienced what I could only best describe as a 'sneaker' orgasm, one that hit me so quickly that it genuinely took me a second to realize I was, in fact, orgasming.

Just to make sure I didn’t gaslight myself into thinking I had an insta-climax, I tried it again in the morning — an even more difficult time for me to get in the mood. I placed it on, daring to go one setting higher, and then immediately dialing it back because it was way too much. On top of that, the Cruise readjusts its power whenever you move it, so the pulses don't weaken when you press it harder against your body. Basically, you’re orgasming whether you’re ready or not, and once again, I sat there stunned that it only took about three minutes.

Of course, in the name of science, I needed to try this vibrator with another human. While I usually incorporate vibrators during sex itself, knowing the power of the SONA Cruise, I decided to hold off for as long as possible. Wise choice: it was the fastest orgasm I've ever had, while feeling as gratifying and forceful as one that built up for a long time. "Woah, already???" my boyfriend blinked about a minute after I hit the button.

The fact that this worked so easily is a major game-changer. I know all too well how healthy and stress-relieving orgasms are, and I wish I could have them more often like I used to without, ironically, stressing myself out more than I can’t get aroused enough. I’ll go with the club speaker metaphor and say that this experience did feel like an unexpected night out: once I stopped concentrating on the audio levels or how much fun I was supposed to be having, I had an incredible time.

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