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Porn Is a Crucial Part of My Relationship

Escort Porto Portugal Mafalda Borges.High class Portuguese call girl.
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I'm not sure my boyfriend and I would be as close without our viewing parties.

I love porn. I'm not embarrassed to say it. I'm not picky about where I watch it. Sometimes I watch it in bed while my boyfriend's at home. Other times I watch it on our couch when I need a break from my three jobs and he is still at work. And my taste runs the gamut, though I tend to veer towards watching public sex and threesomes.

Oh, and maybe you caught this: I have a boyfriend. I've been in a serious relationship with a great guy since April. And he's totally OK with how much I like porn — in fact, porn has been central to our relationship, an important part of keeping us both satisfied.

For one, it lets us both get off when we want to. Our schedules don't really sync up. I am a comedian. I often perform very late at night, and I also travel on the weekends for shows in other states, leaving me away from my home for extended amounts of time — and I'm on the road or performing during the times that most people designate for boning time: nights and weekends. On top of hustling as a comedian, I work three jobs because, spoiler alert, living in New York City is expensive. My boyfriend, on the other hand, has a normal 9-to-5, Monday-to-Friday schedule. To ask him to curb his orgasms until I come back is beyond unreasonable. I want him to know that his sexual happiness is so important to me. I need him to know that I want him to watch porn. It means he's taking care of himself, so then he can be at his best for me. If I can't be there physically (or sexually) when the mood strikes him, he has my blessing to watch as much porn as his peen desires. And vice versa! That way, I can get off while I'm away from him, too.

But I don't just watch porn when I can't see my boyfriend. I have a seriously high sex drive. I already often have sex for various stories I write, but afterwards, I'm often still horny. I'm not going to make him drop everything so I can come when I want to, so again, that's where porn comes in. I'll let him play Final Fantasy for three hours straight while I go flick my bean.

Porn opens the door to sexual conversations I was always dying to have with my partner.

Porn has been hugely beneficial to me as a sexual being, too. It has made me be able to realize — and express — some of my sexual fantasies. It opens the door to conversations I was always dying to have with my partner. Because you know what? Bringing up threesomes can be awkward AF when it seems out of the blue, but popping on that threesome video lets the conversation begin more naturally. Then it becomes a shared fantasy get the idea.

What's more than all that, though, is that porn has become sort of symbolic of our relationship — meaning it's all about compromise. It helps us acknowledge what we need from one another to stay sane, and I'm confident enough in our relationship that I know that when he orgasms without me, it doesn't mean he loves me any less. When I orgasm without him, it doesn't mean I don't crave him constantly. It simply means we respect each others' sex drives.

And honestly, when we watch porn together, it's incredible. I feel safe. Wanted. Secure. It instills in us a confidence to explore new fantasies we would never think about doing on our own — but ones we would happily partake in together. And that is extremely hot.

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